1936 Mercedes-Benz 500k Roadster White

The Mercedes-Benz® 500K Special Roadster was built in 1936. Only 29 of these supercharged grand touring cars were ever produced.
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The Mercedes-Benz® 500K Special Roadster was built in 1936. Only 29 of these supercharged grand touring cars were ever produced. Its swooping lines were an Art Deco dream and the Roadster was more powerful than other cars Mercedes had previously produced Constructed of die-cast metal and high-impact plastic, these machines are not meant for kids. The 1:18 scale 500K Special Roadster comes with doors that open and a rumble seat that opens in back. Both sides of the hood open to reveal a replica engine, and the front tires turn easily with a touch of the steering wheel. Today, only billionaires and celebrities can afford garages filled with cars as special as this. In 2014, a 500K Special Roaster sold for more than £4 million at auction. But Stauer can put you behind these wheels for a fraction of a fraction of that price. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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